A brisk morning in Nashville!


When I saw this soap being offered with a matching aftershave, I had to pick it up. I have a container of this soap in the original “white-label” offering. It was one of the things I picked up when I placed my very first order from Maggard. I heard good things about B&M, and the scent seemed intriguing, so I added it to the cart. I loved the scent, but I couldn’t get a good lather with it. Full disclosure; at the time I couldn’t get a good lather with anything. I was under-loading the dreaded Escali brush, and not using nearly enough water. Nor was I building the lather long enough. By the time I upgraded my brush and learned how to build a nice lather, this soap was discontinued. I have only used it once since then due to fear of running out. That fear has lessened this fall with the comeback in a new base, and an aftershave.

I started out by running hot tap-water over the brush, shaking it out, then loading for about 30 seconds. This is a large knot, so it doesn’t take too long to load. I built the lather directly on my face while adding hot water until it was just right. This lather was very slick. Aside from being a great performer, the scent of this soap is amazing. When I think lime, I think hot summer days, not crisp fall mornings. However, B&M have made limes work for this time of year. The lavender and lime play well with each other to give a fresh, bright scent. This is rounded out with the cedar wood that gives some woody (obviously) savory notes. This is what makes this scent great for fall. The wood notes pair well with the blanket of leaves on my lawn (which I was reminded I need to rake them up as I picked up the newspaper this morning).

The shave itself was nothing short of fantastic. It has been a while since I have used any of the “Fat Boy” razors in my collection, and that is a shame. They are great shavers. I set this on “4”, and with a new blade it made short work of a day’s growth. It glided through three passes and left me needing very little touch-up.

This aftershave is great! I splashed on a healthy dose and had very little sting. There was just enough bite to let me know it was alcohol-based. I was disappointed with the scent. It was all lime & lavender. I was not in the mood for a floral-citrus scent today. However, after some of the alcohol evaporated, the cedar started to come through, pushing the initial notes to the back. After it dried, the scent mirrored that of the soap, and didn’t dry my skin at all.

Another amazing shave thanks to Barrister & Mann! I suggest picking this soap & aftershave up while you have the chance. It will not let you down.


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