I’m Back!!!


I was becoming quite shaggy, so I made a visit to my barber. As always, I was given a great haircut, and I needed a great shave to complete the day. What else was I going to use besides a barbershop scent?

There are a lot of “firsts” in this shave. This was one of the first DE razors I ever purchased. It was before Maggard was numbering their brand of DE razors, so I don’t know what the model is. This razor is quite aggressive, and the blade can wobble a bit. If I don’t have it just right, I can get a lot of cuts & irritation. However, when the blade is straight, I make a quality lather, and I take my time, I am rewarded with a BBS shave with minor irritation.

The soap was the first ever soap I purchased from Stirling. This was before the green tubs were an option, so I put the puck into an empty TOBS container. The soap is a classic “barbershop” scent. It is very powdery, clean, and fresh. It took a while to get there, but my patience was rewarded with a ton of slick lather. I had forgotten just how much water this soap can handle.

I was pleasantly surprised by this brush. Every time I have used it, it has shed hairs like crazy. After loading, I noticed a bristle on the top of the soap. As I was lathering, I noticed another bristly on my cheek. I was expecting a constant stream of boar hair to come out of this brush. However, after those two came out, this brush didn’t give up another bristle.

After three passes and a few touch-ups, I was BBS. After a few hot water splashes, a rinse with cold water, and drying with a clean towel, I applied a healthy dose of the aftershave. It stung a bit at first, but that is usual for this razor. After the alcohol evaporated, my face was left smooth, soft, and smelling great. The next time I buy this aftershave, I am going to get the menthol added. I think this scent would go great with some menthol.

Overall, this was a great shave that complimented my fresh haircut nicely. If you enjoy clean scents, give this one a shot. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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