I received an email from Stirling showcasing their new boar brush, and at under $8, I had to try it. When it arrived, I knew I was going to use it on a Stirling soap to break it in, but which one? Given the heat and humidity recently, I decided on iced pineapple. The menthol would help with the heat, and maybe the scent would make me think I was on a tropical vacation instead of toiling away in the lab.

The soap performed exactly like I have to come to expect all Stirling soaps to. It lathers rather quickly, but can be thirsty, so don’t hesitate to add more water. There is plenty of cushion, but it is very slick. Blades just glide effortlessly when using Stirling soaps. The scent of the soap is pretty great, too. Just pineapple. Though fruity, it has a fresh crispness to it that is quite pleasant.

The brush is very interesting. The handle is heavier than I expected, which was a nice surprise. Where this brush excels, is the shape of the handle. It fits perfectly in the hand and isn’t awkward at all. It makes loading and lathering a dream. I was surprised by how many hairs this brush shed. After loading, there were maybe twelve bristles in the soap, and about as many on my face after lathering. I was afraid that in a few shaves I would have a bald handle. It continued to shed for two or three more shaves, but I don’t think it lost any on the most-recent use. If it doesn’t lose any more bristles and softens like I suspect it will, this will quickly become my go-to boar brush.

I finished this shave off with Pinaud Lime Musk. It has a pleasant sweet-lime scent that pairs well with the pineapple. My wife always makes fun of me for using products that smell like food. However, when I kissed her good-bye as I was heading out the door, she stopped me and told me how much she liked the way I smelled.

Overall this shave as an A-. I was smooth as ever, with no irritation, cuts, or nicks. If I hadn’t had to spend some time pulling boar hairs out of soap and lather, it would have been an A+.

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  1. Hopefully it’s stopped shedding by now. We normally agitate and comb the knots of the brushes before we box them individually. This helps get rid of all the loose hairs before the customer gets it. We didn’t do it with the boars as boar hairs tend to be more brittle before they are broken in and I didn’t want to risk destroying the knot. Once all the “loosies” are out, it should stop shedding and be a pretty nice brush. Thanks for picking one up!


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