The Dog Days Are Upon Us!

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 10.23.58 PM

Since the forecast this week has every day in the 90’s with no sign of cooling off, I had to resort to a lot of menthol in my shave (along with some refreshing fruit notes). It seems to do the trick; for a little while, at least.

There is nothing much to say about the razor and blade combination. Just your basic slim adjustable on “3” with a blade from Amazon. This razor and blade are always a solid choice.

The soap scent is one of two stars of this show. The eucalyptus and peppermint play off each other to cool me off and wake me up. The watermelon gives it a fresh summer feel that isn’t too fruity. I worried about the watermelon being too forward in this mix, but it isn’t at all. Also, it seems to be more watermelon rind than fruit to me, which was a pleasant surprise.

The performance of the soap is lacking. Usually with Catie’s Bubbles soaps (this one included) I get a ton of protective slick lather. This was not the case with this shave. I get lather that seem quite thick, but it isn’t slick at all. I’ve played with the amount of water, and even over-loaded for approximately ninety seconds. I suspect that this brush, for whatever reason, doesn’t play well with this soap. Perhaps I need to spend some time breaking the brush in? Or, I should probably just stick with the badger brushes that I know to work well with this soap.

The post-shave is a little different on this shave. I thoroughly rinse my face with hot water, then dry with a fresh towel. In my hands, I mix equal parts snakebite and Myrsol C, then splash on my face. The snakebite is intensely cool which is perfect this time of year. It stays cold for almost an hour, so when I head out the door for work, it doesn’t feel like I’m running into a swamp face-first. The Myrsol has in interesting scent that reminds me of watermelon rind (similar to the waterlyptus) and cucumber. The only downside to these splashes is that they are alcohol based, and with the bad lather, I had quite the burn. Once that subsided, everything was fine, though.

Overall, this shave is a C. There were no nicks or cuts, but due to the sub-par lather, I had a ton of irritation on my neck, which I was reminded of by the aftershave. The soap is very interesting, and is worth checking out if any of those scents interest you.


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