Easy like Sunday Morning

Filter July 2, 3017

While it has been quite some time since I have posted anything here, my time away has been well worth it. I bought a house with a beautiful woman, and a few short weeks after closing on the house, we made the leap from “in a relationship” to “married”.  My time is now occupied with yard work and house maintenance and not shaving and grooming.

Yesterday I woke up feeling quite under the weather, and spent what time I was awake fending off a fever and body aches. Today I woke up feeling much better, and I thought that a hot shower and a nice shave might push me right into feeling good.

This soap, much like everything I have tried from PAA, lathered easily and quickly. I loaded the brush for about 60 seconds, then built the lather directly on my face. I had several days of growth, and I wanted to make sure that the whiskers were nice and soft for the shave. The scent of this soap is very interesting. Like the name suggests, it is mentholated lime. It is like a citrus ice cube on your face. However, the sage undertones give this soap a savory-ness that I’ve not not smelled in other lime or citrus soaps.

The shave itself was quite enjoyable. This is probably my tenth shave with this shavette. I have another parker shavette that isn’t the “heavy” model, and I have not had good luck with that razor. I saw this shave in a barber shop while on my honeymoon, and thought that additional weight in the handle and arm might make this feel more like a straight razor and less like a shavette. Luckily, I was right. It is still a shavette, for sure, but the additional weight makes it a little easier to control the angle. Surprisingly, after three passes, I had no nicks or cuts.

I washed off the remaining soap, and splashed on the witch hazel. After that dried, I applied my homemade bay lime aftershave. I must’ve went a little heavy on the black peppercorns in the batch, because it was a little more spicy than I remembered. It seemed to pair well with the citrus of the other products I used though. My only complaint about this aftershave is that the scent disappears too quickly.

Overall this shave was a solid “A”. BBS and feeling much better than yesterday.

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