Its an optimistic day!


I couldn’t wait to shave this morning. The scent of this soap is quite interesting. The pear, plum, and bergamot come together to make a sweet, crisp, warm, well-rounded scent. The plum scent is warm and nice while it is still a bit chilly in the mornings. The pear and bergamot make for a fresh crisp scent that is nice when the sun comes out and the day gets nice and warm. Soap Commander has the seasonal scents figured out!

I am in the process of packing to move, so I only have three brushes at my disposal. I have one badger, one boar, and one synthetic. I really wanted to use one of my dense Simpson badger brushes, but no way was I going to wait until the boxes are unpacked, so I reached for my synthetic brush. It performed quite well. I ran it under hot tap water until it was thoroughly wet then loaded until there was sufficient soap in the brush. Then I proceeded to face lather. I kept adding a few drops of hot water as I worked the brush on my face. After a few minutes there was more than enough lather for a great shave.

Aside from the scent, this soap performs wonderfully. It is very slick, yet is quite protective. I am looking forward to using this soap to take several days of growth off with a straight razor. It seems like the artisan soap makers today are at their best, and the Seiberts are at the top of that list!

I grabbed an Astra blade this morning to make up for a few shaves with a less-than-stellar blade. This razor with the Astra blade was great. There was no tugging at all. I made sure to use no pressure and really take my time with this shave. This patience was rewarded by a lot of auditory feedback from the razor. I had forgotten how much I enjoy that sound.

I finished this shave with a rinse of warm water, a cold towel, all followed by Fine Lavender Pour Homme. I was in the mood for something floral and cold. It was a coin toss between the Fine or Aqua Velva. My only complaint is that Soap Commander doesn’t make an alcohol-based aftershave splash. I am not the biggest fan of balms. I guess I can’t have everything, though.

A+ shave today! If you have the opportunity give this soap (or any Soap Commander soap) a whirl. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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