I have had this soap for almost a year, and when I first bought it, I was very disappointed. The scent was terrible. It smelled nothing like the description. It lived in my soap storage (A shoe organizer on the back on of my bathroom door), for several months before I tried using it. It lathered fine, but I could not get over the scent. A few months after the initial use I gave it another shot. This is a very soft soap (Dr. Jon has since changed the formula and remedied this) and after being on its side for so long, most of the soap had shifted to one side of the container. I wasn’t a fan of this, so I decided to use it exclusively for a few weeks just to clear it out of my collection. Something interesting happened in the course of those few weeks. The scent never changed, but it began to grow on me. The description says it is floral and woody, but I get none of these notes. I get a musky, nutty, almost peanut butter scent. This soap is a great performer. I have to be careful when using a large boar brush because the density of this soap makes it easy to over-load. Once several drops of water were added to the mix, it produced a lot of thick lather. It isn’t quite as slick as Barrister & Mann soaps, but it is no slouch in that department.

The most interesting thing about today’s shave was the blade. This was the 6th shave on this blade, and I had expected some tugging or nicks. I had none of that today. This shave (from the blade perspective) was just as good as the first with this blade. While this blade isn’t quite as sharp as Feather or as smooth as Ladas, it hasn’t fallen off. I am curious how many shaves I can get out of this thing. It probably helps that the Merkur bakelite isn’t terribly aggressive.

This shave was great right until the end. I was very disappointed in this aftershave. This was my first use, and I had some high expectations. The other Pitralon splashes I have are great. I was expecting something spicy with a menthol punch. However, this splash didn’t have much scent other than something medicinal. Also, the menthol was all but non-existent. The only bonus is that the scent did not last long at all.

Overall this was a decent shave, carried by the soap and hardware. I think it’ll be quite some time before I reach for this aftershave again.

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