This soap and balm arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and since I am a sucker for a barbershop scent, I had to give these a try ASAP.

I loaded the brush for approximately thirty seconds, added about a half teaspoon of hot tap water then proceeded to face lather. As I expected, I was rewarded with an excessive amount of slick, protective lather. The scent of this soap is great! I can’t pick out any of the individual notes that are listed on Soap Commander’s website, but they come together spectacularly. It is everything I look for in a “barbershop” scent. It smells powdery and clean, a touch of spice that gives some warmth, while still being masculine. Even though it has all the characteristics of the classic barbershop scents like Clubman or Aqua Velva, it is different enough that I don’t feel like its a ripoff of any of those scents.

This was the second shave on this blade, and it was even better than the first. I had the razor set at “3”, which is a little more mild than I usually go, but with this blade, it was very smooth. There was no tugging at all, which surprised me for a 15¢ blade. I did three passes and a few touch-ups. Each pass was as good as the first. I can’t wait to see how this blade fares over the rest of the week.

I’m not a big fan of balms, but I picked this one up since my curiosity for the scent was stronger than my preference for a splash. I love the sting and refreshing cold of an alcohol based splash. The menthol in this balm makes up for the lack of sting. It was cold and refreshing. The menthol dissipated quickly and I was left with a moisturized face that smelled just like the soap. I expected my face to feel greasy and heavy after applying the balm, but that was not the case at all. I will have to keep Soap Commander balms in mind in the winter when the furnace has me dried out and itchy. My only complaint about the balm is that the scent doesn’t last quite as long as I would like. It’s been four hours, and even though the face-feel is fantastic, the scent is all but gone.


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