Last night, while trying to decide what software to use this morning, I spied this soap and realized I haven’t used it in almost a year. I thought today would be a good day to give it another go.

I rinsed the brush with hot water for a few seconds, gave it a healthy shake, then loaded for about 90 seconds. Then I bowl-lathered, which I rarely do. I used a cheap plastic salsa bowl to make the lather this morning, and I was pleasantly rewarded with the scent of this soap filling the bathroom. This is a very pleasant-smelling soap. It is floral, yet masculine, with the herbal notes complimenting the floral nicely. The lather was like every other Razorock soap I have used. It isn’t the slickest, but it was quite thick and had plenty of cushion. Razorock soaps are usually half the price of most others, so I can deal with a little less slickness. My only major complaint about the, is the scent strength. It seems like there is a lot of variation from batch to batch. I have some Razorback soaps where the scent is quite strong, and then some like the Medico Delle Peste where the scent is great, but doesn’t quite jump out like I would like.

No matter how many aftershaves I acquire, the classic drugstore splashes will always have a special place in my heart. The simple “barbershop” scents always smell great, and the performance is great despite the low price. The lavender in the Aqua Velva played very nicely with the floral scent of the soap. I really enjoyed the menthol as we are starting to warm up a bit here in Nashville. Once it dried, I was left feeling cool, refreshed, and quite soft. I love the lingering powdery scent of this splash. My only complaint is the shape of the mouth of the bottle. No matter how I attempt to pour it, some always runs down the bottle and leaves a blue spot on the counter.

Overall this was a solid A- shave. If you know someone who is wanting to start wet shaving, I would suggest giving them a  Razorock soap. They are very cheaply priced, they offer great scents, and they create loads of lather quite readily. A new wet shaver can tell without much investment if it is something they want to continue doing.

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