Another Shannon in my life…


Last week, I discovered a long-abandoned package of Feather carbon-steel double-edge blades in a dusty drawer at work. Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to take one home and give it a spin on my next shave.

Even though I had over three days of growth, my prep today was minimal. A quick rinse with hot water in the shower, and I was ready to go. While my brush was soaking in some hot water to warm up, I loaded the blade into the razor. I was surprised to see that these blades are a very odd iridescent blue-green color.

Once the blade was in the razor, I shook the water from the brush and loaded it for approximately thirty seconds. While loading, I was somewhat caught off guard by the scent of this soap. The scent only became better while face lathering. Silk pajamas is a very nice name for this scent. It is very much like a floral barbershop scent. The rose notes soften and round out the scent profile in a way that sweetens it somewhat but keeping it masculine.

The performance of this soap is exactly what I expected based on my experience with Shannon’s Soaps barbershop scent. It is very slick with plenty of cushion. I was also happy with how the blade performed. It was extremely sharp, which I had expected from Feather, and from a blade intended to cut extremely thin slices of frozen tissue. Though, the blade was very sharp, it wasn’t nearly as smooth as the Feather blades intended for shaving. Since this isn’t a stainless blade, I tossed it for fear of rust.

I had forgotten how loud this razor can be. It is very nice to get that sound of the blade cutting through whiskers when you get the angle just right. It was so loud that my son asked what the noise was. If you like aural feedback from your razors, give this one a shot.

Pitralon Pure is quite an interesting scent for an aftershave. I can’t do it justice (too complex for me to describe),  so I will simply say that it is a blend of wood & fruit notes that fade into some floral notes. It is a great scent, but I think the next time I use this soap, I will opt for Fine Platinum.

This was a solid “A” shave this morning. Great performance out of the soap, no cuts, etc. I was left BBS and smelling nice. What a way to start my final week at my job!

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