A cloudy day in Nashville


I woke this morning to a cloudy, rainy morning. I thought it would be a perfect time for the  soap marketed as “a scent truly suited for a grey day”. This is a fairly unique scent, as it is a very clean “soap” scent, but the vetiver & spice give it some earthy mossy notes that do call to mind the scent of a light rain falling. The performance is top-notch! The slickness and cushion are on par with Stirling or Barrister & Mann white-label. These days, the artisans have the soap formulas figured out.

The Omega S-brush was my first introduction to synthetic brushes. It isn’t the best synthetic brush on the market these days, but at $10, they make excellent travel brushes since they dry out so quickly and make a decent lather. These brushes are also great for introducing someone to wet shaving. They don’t need any soaking and there’s no scent like a new boar brush. Also, they are cheap enough, that if they aren’t used, it isn’t a tragedy.

Interestingly enough, this is the first time I have gotten a nice shave with the Nacet blades. I think this razor has hit the sweet-spot of aggression. No cuts, nicks, or irritation today. Perhaps I need to keep these blades in my mild razors.

The aftershave tied the soap performance for the best part of this shave. The clean vetiver scent pairs very nicely with the scent of the soap. The high menthol formula Fine was a nice touch, since no one has alerted Nashville that we are well into fall, and the 90-degree days can stop now.

Overall, an A shave. I can’t wait to try out some other scents from Catie’s Bubbles.

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