Today’s Equipment:

The post office came through, and my new barbershop soap was delivered yesterday. Barbershop scents are very hard to define, and as such, it’s one of those things that you know it when you smell it. Since I began wet shaving, I have always been drawn to these fresh, powdery clean scents. I think it takes me back to the days of watching my dad get ready for his day and smelling his Colgate shaving cream. Sometimes it is nice to go back to those simpler times.

When I think “barbershop scent”, I think of things like clubman, Stirling Barbershop, and Fine American Blend. Shannon’s Soaps barbershop is a little different than those scents. While it does have the clean scent that one would expect, the basil & oakmoss notes take it in an herbal, earthy direction that would make it pair nicely with a vetiver or fougere scented aftershave.

I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of this soap. It was relatively inexpensive at $12. The packaging is quite simple, and I was guilty of judging this book by its cover. After shaking the hot water out of the brush, I loaded for about 30 seconds. It did not take much time or much water to build the lather. While the lather wasn’t quite as thick as Stirling, it was actually quite slick; much more so than I had anticipated. The blade glided easily across my face. In a few short minutes, three days of stubble gone.

I finished this shave with one of my favorite aftershaves. The combination of scent, post-shave feel, and price make this an amazing aftershave. I did get some bite from the aftershave, though it quickly dissipated.

Overall this was an A- shave. I left the house smelling great and ready to take on my day!

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