Kentucky Lake Shave


I promise this isn’t going to be the Barrister & Mann blog! I had planned to write about a new barbershop scented soap, but according to USPS tracking information, it was out for delivery in a completely different town than mine. I’m curious if it will ever be delivered. This soap did make its way to my mailbox yesterday, so I thought I would give it a shot today. 

I have recently started Lyft driving to supplement my income. I did surprisingly well last week and made a little more money driving than I had expected, so I decided to treat myself. Cheshire was one of the remaining soaps from B&M that I had yet to try, so I pulled the trigger on it. As I expected, this scent is very bergamot forward. The citrus gives way to light herbal notes that really round out the scent profile. This soap performed as well as I expected. Once I worked enough water in, the brush exploded with a very slick and rich lather. There was enough lather for three passes and some touch ups.

This is the second brush that I have re-knotted. It is an Everready 100T that I picked up on eBay with a Golden Nib silver tip badger knot. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to reknit an old brush. I’ve acquired several old handles that are awaiting new knots. One of these days I’ll get motivated and set new knots in them. 

The razor is a Merkur 33c. I won this razor in a giveaway from Dr. Jon’s about six months ago, and this is the first time I have ever used it. It gave a close, easy shave. It isn’t too aggressive, but it isn’t too mild, either. While I was shaving, I kept thinking that this looked and felt awfully similar to my Merkur Classic. A quick Google search showed me that the 33c and the classic are indeed the same razor. 

This shave was finished with one of the most controversial shaving products I have come across; the very polarizing Lilac Vegetal. I am a big fan of this aftershave. I read somewhere that this is one of the very first after shaves ever made. Also, this after shave goes through some of the most dramatic changes of any I have ever used. When first applied, it has a chemical cleaner scent that has been described as “fresh urinal cake”. My SO refers to this as my rotten garbage aftershave. Once that scent evaporates, the remaining scent is like an herbal baby powder. It smells quite clean and fresh. The same SO will smell this and tell me how much she likes it. She never believes when I tell her what it is. 

This was another great shave, thanks in large part to Barrister & Mann. In about ten minutes, I took off four days of growth, and had no nicks or irritation. If you enjoy citrus scented soaps, I highly recommend Cheshire. In the near future, this will be made in the glissant base, and it is even slicker than the tallow base. 

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