October 1, 2016


It has been said that is you say the words “pumpkin spice latte” three times, a sorority girl will magically appear and tell you everything she loves about fall. One of my favorite things about fall, right after playoff baseball is the return of sandalwood. I’ve loved every sandalwood scented soap and aftershave I have tried, but none of them come close to Barrister & Mann’s Leviathan.

Now for some background on this shave. I picked up a 100-pack of these blades on Amazon so I could qualify for an add-on item that I was buying. Since I have never used these blades before, I wanted to use them with other hardware that has given me great shaves previously. Included are Barrister & Mann Leviathan soap and aftershave, Standard aluminum razor, and a Simpson Berkeley 46 Best Badger brush.

I can’t say enough about this soap and aftershave. The scent is phenomenal! As with every B&M soap that I have used, this took plenty of water. After a few additions of water, I was rewarded with a thick rich lather. This lather was very slick, while also having plenty of cushion. It can take a little while to dial in the amount of water to add, but as with most things in life, patience will be rewarded.

This razor has always given me an amazing shave regardless of what blade is in it. I’m not sure why I only use it a few times a year. If I had to venture a reason, I would say it is a bit on the aggressive side. Also, it is very lightweight and I have to be very cautious about applying pressure.

Now for thoughts on the Rapira Super Stainless blade. This blade did quite well with this setup. The blade did not grab or catch anywhere. It was plenty sharp on the third pass and touch-ups as it was on the first. It might be premature to say this is a great blade, as I need to see how it falls off after subsequent shaves. I have even gotten decent shaves with a Derby blade right out of the wrapper. However, that second shave is brutal for me. Another testament to this blade is that after taking off three days of beard, there was no sting when I applied the aftershave. It has been quite a while since that has happened.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with this shave. After three passes, and a minor touch up on my chin and neck, I was BBS with no cuts, nicks, or irritation. In addition, the scent of the aftershave lingered much longer than I expected, so I was rewarded with little glimpses of this amazing scent all through my day.

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